Bike-Based Car Repair Shows Power in People

Detroit's Malcolm Carey. Detroitblogger John
Detroit’s Malcolm Carey. Detroitblogger John

This blog puts a lot of stock in systems. In our view, people and their transportation choices aren’t just isolated variables, but also parts of larger social and physical structures, structures which need serious change. Yet we need to remind ourselves that individuals matter, too, and that many people creatively seek out ways to work systems under even the most adverse circumstances, sometimes in the least predictable manner.

The winter holidays are as good a time as any to celebrate human resilience in cold, dark times. Detroitblogger John has shown us a compelling example in the transportation field: Malcolm Carey, also known as Mr. Bow-Tie, who has made a business of auto headlight restoration in the Motor City – working from a bicycle.

As Michigan looks for new ways to go, we’d do well to propel ourselves to find equally unorthodox large-scale fixes to our broken transportation model.