Monthly Trackback: Center-Running Light Rail Lives

We’re back! Apologies for the April standstill. Here are some of last month’s headlines:

The wrangle over Woodward light rail – between advocates who want center-running regional transit and businessmen who want a short-haul trolley – continues, and Detroit Mayor Dave Bing has a decision to make. Can he succeed where dozens of experts haven’t, and persuade the private investors that bringing trains down the middle makes for transit that’s safer, faster, and better for their pocketbooks as well as for the region at large? MLive’s Jeff Wattrick makes a clear case for center-running rail, as have we.

In contrast to many Republican governors, Rick Snyder is applying for high-speed rail funds after all, if sheepishly. TransportMichigan previously asked whether Snyder has retreated from his earlier commitments to rail. “We’re not making a commitment to fully go ahead,” the governor now says, “but we’re clearly in the planning process.” Whether this kind of boldness reassures the feds is unclear, but if not “fully” satisfying, rhetorical evasions are better than full-on retreat.

Put your hopes and/or prayers with the people of Grand Rapids today, as the region votes on a millage that would expand bus service and construct Michigan’s first bus rapid transit line. We need a victory for decent transit, as Detroit buses get dealt further cutsand the Michigan Legislature threatens to gut state funding.